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Poppy Interactive - War and Organized Crime Gone Global

Antoinette de Jong (NL), Robert Knoth (NL)


The interactive documentary is a protracted investigation spanning over 20 years on the global nexus of drugs, war, and organized crime using photo, video, radio reportages, and found footage.

POPPY Interactive has a layered form of non-linear storytelling that bridges various locations and times with a clear navigational structure and that crisscrosses the forms of documentary and visual art. The interactive documentary merges multiple media on interactive maps and invites the user to become a traveler to find connections along the trails of drug, war, and crime.

Having published a prestigious book Poppy: Trails of Afghan Heroin and a renowned video installation in 2012, the artists combine in this new interactive work analysis and a fact-based global perspective with intimate personal stories discovered on three international drug trafficking routes.

As we find out in POPPY Interactive, the nexus between war and organized crime is tight and complex. The user is invited to unravel in this work an impressive and elusive global network of insurgents and terrorists, drug cartels, and other criminal organizations. We see families who grow the poppies, heroin addicts in prison in Kyrgyzstan, a crashed plane full of cocaine in Mali, luxury villas in Dubai, and more. It is all interconnected. This journey shows how drug money destabilizes entire countries, fuels conflict, and allows a worldwide illegal economy to grow.

POPPY Interactive: War and Organized Crime Gone Global is based on the book and video-installation POPPY: Trails of Afghan Heroin. Following their prestigious book and the video installation, this new interactive documentary by de Jong and Knoth combines analysis and a fact-based global perspective with intimate personal stories. It took them more than 20 years to unravel an impressive and elusive global network of insurgents and terrorists, drug cartels, and other criminal organizations.


Antoinette de Jong (NL) & Robert Knoth (NL)

Antoinette de Jong (NL), born in 1964, and Robert Knoth (NL), born in 1963, are visual storytellers whose work has embraced photography, video, in-depth journalism, radio, installations, and book projects. In their highly personal work they aim to show the layered complexity of various social, economic, and political issues and the effects of those issues on ordinary people. They have reported from some of the world's main conflict and post-conflict areas. Antoinette lived and worked in Afghanistan during the 1990s under the Taliban regime. Robert has covered Afghanistan, the war in the former Yugoslavia, and the civil wars in Angola, Somalia, and Sierra Leone.

POPPY Interactive – War and Organized Crime Gone Global is made by visual storytellers Antoinette de Jong and Robert Knoth and produced by Submarine Channel. It is made possible with the support of Creative Industries Fund NL, the Netherlands Film Fund, Fonds 21, Mondriaan Fonds, and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK).

Directors: Antoinette de Jong & Robert Knoth
Producers: Bruno Felix & Femke Wolting
Creative producer: Michel Reilhac
Interactive producer: Corine Meijers
Interface design: Christiaan De Rooij
Web development: Aart Jan van der Linden
Editing: Peter Claassen
Sound design: Frank van der Weij, Jelle van Osenbruggen
Impact producer: Iván Garcia-Romero
Editing teasers & introduction: Maurik de Ridder
Production assistance: Davide Banis, Marlieke Hoepman
Development: Hans Dortmans, Menno Otten, Fabie Hulzebos, Yaniv Wolf, Dagan Cohen, Wieke Kapteijns, Robert Knoth, Antoinette de Jong
English corrections: Judith Kingston

POPPY Interactive: War and Organized Crime Gone Global is based on the book and video-installation POPPY: Trails of Afghan Heroin, which was made possible with the support of SNS REAAL Fund, VSB Fund, Mondriaan Fund, NCDO, AFEW, Foundation Sem Presser Archive, Foundation for Democracy and Media, Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, and was produced by Iris Sikking, Paradox.

With special thanks to

International Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), Forum
Sheffield International Documentary Festival, MeetMarket

Many different people have cooperated in this project, and have supported and encouraged us. We cannot thank them enough and apologize that the list below is not complete. In our research we are indebted to many journalists and scholars who have published on Afghanistan, South and Central Asia, Russia and the Balkans.
Over the years, scores of people agreed to meet us; they talked with us for hours, sharing information and often trusting us with painful details of their lives. During our travels we have been lucky to find companionship, friendship and heartwarming hospitality.

We would like to thank:
Kummer&Herrman, Mark Glynne (Anthill Sound design), YdocPublishing and Hatje Cantz Verlag, Ans de Jong-ten Barge, Jannie Knoth-te Brake, Muslem Hayat, Tim Johnston, Ismail Khan, Amir Shah, Nadeem Ahmed, Mehboob Ali, Charlotte Althenhoner, Roberto Arbitrio, Muhammad Ayub, Klaas Jan Baas, Dini Bangma, Jules Banffer, Hans van Blommestein, Lars Boering, Chris de Bode, Harm Botje, Ilona van der Braak, Jan van den Brand, Christer
Brannerud, Polly breur, William de Bruin, Heleen Bulthuis, Simon Burer, Jildou van der Bijl, Ian Clarke, Kate Clarke, Nick Coke, Rupert Colville, Liz Cotton, Rod Curtis, Ellen van Dalen, Anke van Dam, Rik Delhaas, Peter Delpeut, Fieneke Diamand, Richard Dion, Henk van den Dool, Richard Donk, Duguf, Guljan Ermekbaeva, Gijsbert van Es, Lianne Fincken, Galina Fomaidi, Steve Forrest, Bevis Fusha, Zamira Ganieva, Kathy Gannon, Frits Gierstberg, Phil Goodwin, Peter Greste, Marion Grobbee, Hanna van der Haar, Shahab Haider, Toon van Ham, Feruza Hamidova, Marjolein Hammink, Rebecca Harley, Markus Hartmann, Fatos Haziri, Hezbollah(driver), Leo van Hee, Ulrike Helmer, John Holland McCowan, Arthur Herrman, Gert Hindrix, Diederik van Hoogstraten, Lonneke van Hout, Siraj Islam, Maulana Taj-ul-Amin Jabal, Jamal, Ingeborg Jansen, Huub Jaspers, John Jennings, Alan Johnston, Arendo Joustra, Frits Kemperman, Behrooz Khan, Muzzamil Khan, Alfred Koster, Theo Kloppenburg, Yulia Kravchuk, Hans Kuitert, Jeroen Kummer, Mark Lavine, Marina Lisitsina, Frenk van der Linden, Victor Levie, Mike Lusmore, Robina Mahmoud, Blerina Marini, Jaqueline Maris, Jitka Markova, Joost van der Meer, HarunMiah, Arjan Muca,Syed Minhaj-ul-Hassan, Genci Mucollari, Odile Mullajanov, Munir, Ruslan Myatiyev, Fawzia Nabi, Loretta Napoleoni, General Rustam Nazarov, Hans Nijenhuis, Zarrina Nivozova, John Novis, Willem Offenberg, Olaf van Oudheusden, Warna Oosterbaan, Frank Ortmanns, Edlira Papavangjeli, Matthieu Peerlings, Lori Polena, Wieger Poutsma, Suzannah Price, Ahmet Prenci, Erik van Prooijen, Ahmed Rashid, Natalyia Ruda, Anna Sanginova, Evelien Schotsman, Suzanne Schanz, Danusia Schenke, Maarten Schilt, Carola Schoor, Michael Semple, Jotham Sietsma, Wim Spijkers, Laura Starink, Paul Steenhuis, Fred Stroobants, Devika Strooker, Evgenia Sveshinsky, Rasoul Rakhimov, Ahmed Rashid, William Reeve, Rene van Rijckevorsel, Fred Ritchin, Bart Rijs, Samo Rovan, Grid Rroji, Sarah Russell, Colonel Sadullo Rahmatulloev, Syed Salahuddin, Sokol Selfollari, Mukhtar Shah, Brigadier Mahmood Shah, Aijaz Shaikh, Kathy Sherriff, Iris Sikking, Gert Staal, Jan Willem Steenmeijer, Liz Spencer, Noel Spencer, Evgenia Sveshinsky, Guillaume Teerling, Herman van den Tempel, Ibrahim Tajiki, Peter Tinti, Gary Thomas, Katja Thomas, Elena Vaskrisjenska, Riccardo Venturi, Hans Verstraaten, Dirk-Jan Visser, Yulia Koba, Hans de Vreij, Matthea Vrij, Bas Vroege, Adam Wade, Sue Wade, Daoud Wahab, Ingrid Walschot, Maartje Wildeman, Andrew Wilder, Terrence White, Stuart Worsley, Alem Yacoobi, Rahimullah Yusufzai, Yussuf, Judith Zaal, Ehsan Zahine, Sikandar Zaman, Ahmad Zubair

In memory of:
Abdi Farah, Sharon Herbaugh, Mirwais Jalil, Tom Little, Natasha Singh, Adri Verzijl