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Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

Rediscovery of anima

Akinori Goto (JP)


The aim of this project is to discover "anima," which could have existed, but did not exist. The word “anima” means "life" or "soul" in Latin, and the word animation stems from anima.

This project is derived from the “toki-“series, which I have long been creating using a 3D printer to give shape to time through movement. When I was creating the “toki-”series, I realized that it was not the advent of modern technologies that made this method possible; rather, if one had the idea and the insight, it could have been created a long time ago in the distant past. Consequently I decided to completely abandon the digital technologies that I had previously been using, relying only on techniques that existed around the time of the birth of cinema in the 19th century to produce a work entirely from wood.

If a method to generate anima had existed in the 19th century, when movies were born, it is possible that methods of playing and recording footage would be different from how they are today. In my research, I learnt that there is a theory that cave paintings from around 30,000 years ago might have represented movement with frames, like in animation. So I went back even further than the 19th century and decided to make a work using stone, tree branches, hemp, and sunlight, in a way that could have existed in ancient times. This method is constructed so that when an image is exposed to the sunlight streaming through the slit between the stones, it will appear as if the person is moving.

This project attempts to rediscover "anima" through primitive methods using sunlight. While exploring how society might have interacted with these "anima" if they had been discovered at the time these primitive methods were available, the project also aims to show people anew the sheer joy and admiration of the illusion of movement in an age where technological advancements have made it possible to consume visual media in many different situations.


Akinori Goto (JP)

Akinori Goto (JP), born in Gifu in 1984, is an artist. He graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Visual Communication Design. His works, capturing invisible connections and relationships by combining cutting edge technology with methods and media that existed long ago, are now on exhibition. The main exhibitions in which he recently participated include Ars Electronica Festival 2017, SXSW ART PROGRAM 2017, and STOP LICHT exhibition 2017. His works are being publicly collected by the National Media Museum in the UK.

Thanks to: Sotaro Sawamura and Taichi Kagami, Kota Endo
Support: Project to Support the Nurturing of Media Arts Creators, 2017