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The EHRI Online Portal is the main outcome of the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI) project, a consortium of Holocaust researchers, archivists and IT specialists from 24 institutions in 17 countries.

The EHRI Portal is an expanding resource and new information and features are continuously added. At present, it offers users detailed information on more than 1,850 Holocaust-related archival institutions in 51 countries as well as descriptions of more than 230,000 archival sources. It thereby seeks to overcome a hallmark challenge of Holocaust research: the fragmentation and geographic dispersal of sources documenting the event. By integrating and interconnecting information from around the globe, the Portal is an invaluable resource for anybody interested in the Holocaust, and, for the first time, enables truly pan-European approaches to researching and memorializing this most traumatic event in European history.

EHRI is both a digital infrastructure and a human network. The EHRI Portal allows users to connect with each other and to contribute their knowledge to its information base. EHRI further facilitates digital and physical networking, education and dissemination opportunities, offering, for instance, online training ( and, a community-driven blogging environment (, fellowships as well as an extensive program of seminars, expert workshops, and conferences. By putting community building activities at the heart of its mission, EHRI has developed a committed user base among Holocaust researchers, archivists, librarians, museum curators, educators, as well as family researchers, public historians, and members of the interested public across Europe and beyond. The EHRI Portal is freely available to anyone and currently attracts more than 10,000 sessions per month.

While EHRI is a scholarly project, it recognizes that its activities have relevance far beyond the walls of academia. Holocaust archives are part of our shared European cultural heritage, and continuously enhancing our knowledge about the Holocaust and ensuring its appropriate memorialization are necessary to sustain tolerant and non-discriminatory societies. The Portal is open for use to anyone, and through its wide public history and outreach activities EHRI seeks to ensure that the memory of the Holocaust keeps on informing contemporary social, political and cultural discourse.



EHRI has been developed by a consortium that has been active since 2010. Financially supported by the European Union’s FP7 and Horizon 2020 programs, the EHRI consortium brings together Holocaust researchers, archivists, digital humanists, and IT specialists that work in 24 institutions across Europe, the US, and Israel. EHRI is led by NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Amsterdam. A complete overview of all involved partners is available at