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TIC-as Centroamérica


TIC-as Centroamérica is a permanent program of Sulá Batsú Cooperative, born in 2013. TIC-as aims to develop women's empowerment and leadership through digital technologies, create ‘technological poles’ led by women in rural areas of Central America, so that the benefits of the digital economy actually reach the most vulnerable regions and populations, and expand our work by means of virtuous circles among the women involved. We work with girls from ages 10 – 17, mothers (who often do not have any kind of education), university students, professors, and professionals. We also have constituted a network of schools, universities, public and private institutions, technology companies, businesses, and social organizations, at a local, national, and regional level.

Our work consists of eight strategies:

• Girls & Technology Clubs (clubs for schoolgirls, in which they learn to use and create digital technologies with the mentorship of older TIC-as girls).

• Mothers & Technology Clubs (clubs for the girls' mothers, in which they learn basic technological tools with the mentorship of older TIC-as girls).

• Girls Programming (clubs for older girls and university students, in which they learn basic programming and coding with the mentorship of other TIC-as girls).

• Technological Cafés (meeting spaces to discuss about technology and being a woman in STEM, share experiences and have fun).

• Female Hackathons (36-hour challenges, in which the participants have to design a technological solution to a problem in their communities).

• Ada Communities (university sorority communities for women pursuing technology careers).

• Business Incubator (Sulá Batsú Cooperative gives advice to TIC-as participants who want to start their own entrepreneurships).

• The voice of the girls of Central America (the expansion of the Girls & Technology Clubs throughout Central America, with methodologies including digital storytelling, rap, and prototyping).


TIC-as Centroamérica

The organization that leads TIC-as Centroamérica since 2013 is Sulá Batsú Cooperative. It is an organization born in 2004, based on social solidarity economy, that aims to promote and strengthen local development with a research and action approach from four main work areas:
- Digital society
- Art and culture for social transformation
- Knowledge management
- Social solidarity economy
TIC-as Centroamérica’s team consists of Costa Rican anthropologist and computer engineer, Kemly Camacho Jiménez, and a group of social scientists, artists, computer engineers, managers, and promoters. Outside of our core team, we work hand-in-hand with some of the girls and women who have evolved from participants to leaders and mentors.